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Surgery Centre

Primamed Technologies Ltd, driven by its desire to assist health professionals save lives, with the latest innovative products and solutions, made a strategic partnership with KARL STORZ SE & Co. KG, in 2012.


Thanks to this partnership, Primamed Technologies is humbled to be recognized as the best distributor of Endoscopy equipment in Rwanda

In February 2018, Professor Jacques Marescaux, the president of France based Research Institute against Digestive Cancer (IRCAD), visited Rwanda for the second time as part of his plan to establish an IRCAD centre in Kigali.


Marescaux revealed that the establishment of an IRCAD centre in Kigali is in advanced stages as they have secured partnerships with different stakeholders, adding that the centre would soon be set up.


I’m here because we plan to build an institute of research in minimally invasive surgery that is ready to save lives. This will be the largest institute as it will serve as a continental centre. Already, all our networks of international experts have agreed to come to Kigali for this project. I had also to convince big companies like Karl Storz and an American company, all of which have agreed to invest in the centre. This is why Doctor Storz is here with me

He also said that Karl Storz was looking to invest more than US $ 7 million (approximately Rwf5.9 billion).

*Primamed Technologies Ltd is the official representative of Karl Storz in Rwanda

**KARL STORZ SE & Co. KG is a leading endoscope manufacturer

***The original article is found on the NewTimes Rwanda website

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