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We believe that making life easier for healthcare professionals by equipping them with the latest innovative solutions can significantly improve the number of lives saved.

About us

To provide some of the most complicated diagnostic imaging systems in the field of digital radiology and endoscopy equipment.

To combine innovative health technology solutions with world-class customer service to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

To be recognized by customers as a first choice medical equipment supplier, to multiply partnerships with different partners and to be recognized as the best “After Sales Service” company.

Sneak peek into some of our work

We were awarded by ENABEL a contract to

supply & install laboratory equipment worth RWF +170,000,000

at the newly build Nyarugenge District Hospital.


King Faisal Hospital, Kigali - as one of the leading hospitals - acquired innovative medical solutions from KARL STORZ.


We were awarded by Partners in Health contracts

to supply medical equipment worth RWF +60,000,000

in different health sectors across Rwanda.


We supplied - following a successful bid availed by the

 Ministry of Defenceurology equipment worth 

RWF +390,000,000 at the Rwanda Military Hospital.


We were awarded a contract worth RWF +400,000,000 to supply & install laboratory and general hospital equipment at Munini District Hospital, and Nyabikenke District Hospital.


We supplied - following various successful bids availed by the  Ministry of Defence - different medical equipment worth 

RWF +450,000,000 at the Rwanda Military Hospital.

*This picture is the published plan of the soon-to-be upgraded RMH





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Lab equipment

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Rapid Test

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Operating Theatre

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Imaging Systems

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Hospital Beds


Institute of Research


Covid-19 Response

Are you a government entity?

We partner at all levels to assist COVID-19 response teams with the required medical equipment, related training and consumables. 

Are you a Public / Private Hospital or NGO?

If you’re an institutional healthcare provider and need PPE or medical equipment, we look forward to assist you with the latest innovative solutions.

Our Office

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