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Hospital Beds

Primamed Technologies Ltd, driven by its desire to assist health professionals save lives, with the latest innovative products and solutions, made a strategic partnership with LINET Group, in 2020.


Thanks to this partnership, Primamed Technologies strives to avail in Rwanda, state-of-art solutions designed for intensive care, products for regular in-bed treatment and also special beds for old people’s homes and long-term care facilities.

*LINET spol. s.r.o. is a world leading manufacturer of hospital and nursing beds.

**With 130 thousand beds produced in this fiscal year, LINET became the biggest producer of advanced care beds globally

Linet_bariatric bed_main.jpeg

Image 3 Bariatric


Image 3 Bariatric is a hospital bed specifically designed for bariatric patients looking for a comfortable, practical and safe healthcare bed with high standards. The main advantage of the Image 3 Bariatric bed is a high safe working load of 320 kg. Due to its versatility, this bariatric bed can be used in a wide range of hospital departments.

Technical specifications

External dimensions: 220 × 110 cm *

Mattress platform dimensions: 200 x 100 cm

Clearance: 13 / 15.5 cm

Mattress platform height adjustment: 28 – 80 cm

Bed extension: 10; 22; 30.5 cm

Maximum mattress height: 26 cm including the extender

Safe working load: 265 kg (Standard) | 265 kg (Washable) | 320 kg (Bariatric)

Bed weight: 160 kg * **

Backrest tilt: 0 – 70°

Thighrest tilt: 0 – 34°

TR/ATR tilt: 0 – 14°

Multicare LE.jpg



The Multicare intensive care and therapy bed is an ideal solution for the demanding special needs of critically ill patients. The bed uses innovative technologies to create an ideal combination of clinical benefits for patients and staff – medical, nursing and therapy.

Technical specifications

Outer dimensions (side rails up): 215 x 105cm

Mattress platform extension: 22cm

Recommended mattress size: *208 x 86cm

Max. mattress height: 23cm

Bed height: 44 –82cm

Maximum backrest angle: 70°

Maximum thigh rest angle: 30°

Lateral tilt: 30°

Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg position: 13°/16°

Heightof side rails (above mattress platform): 45cm

Weight (basic equipment): 224kg

Safe working load: 250kg

Lifting pole bearing capacity: 75kg

Eleganza 5.jpg

Eleganza 5


The bed helps to maintain vital signs of the patient and enables staff to treat the patient safely and with minimal effort with the help of highly sophisticated features and functions.

Technical specifications

External dimensions: 219 ×100 cm

Bed extension: 22 cm

Mattress dimension: 208 x 90 cm

Siderail Height above Mattress Platform: 45 cm

Height adjustment: 43.5 - 81.5 cm

Lateral tilt: 15°

TR/ATR tilt: 14°/14°

Safe working load: 250 kg

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